Schools in Hubli (Hubballi) & Dharwad

Schools in Hubli Dharwad

This page provides a list of Dharwad and Hubli (Hubballi) Schools

Types of Schools in Hubli-Dharwad



State Board

Hubli is a metropolis in North Karnataka. The city offers many schools with quality education with good infrastructure equipped with laboratory, playground, and computer rooms and experienced teachers. Teachers strive to give the students proper discipline, motivation and confidence to chase their dreams.

schools in hubli

There are some best and old schools such as St. Mary’s, Rotary, Lion’s, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Parivarthan Gurukul, St. Pauls, St. John’s, Lamington Boys and Girls School, Sanskaar English Medium, Sacred Heart Convent, CBSE schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya and many more providing valuable and affordable education. All these schools have incorporated educomp digital teaching to make it easier and fun while learning. The city boasts government, private, Montessori, Kinder garden and day care schools for all types of people.

In rural areas also various educational centers are opened under government programs. Hubli-Dharwad collectively has more than 100 schools and some of them offer pick and drop services inclusive in the educational fees. These types of essential services will make every individual stick to time management allowing parents to save their time and energy while running around their kids in the morning and evening. Students are given various projects related to subjects, and they have to be completed in stipulated time with their teams these projects make them well versed with the happenings in and around the world.

Dharwad & Hubli schools are gaining top position in the educational sector, to give students more of practical knowledge they conduct science festival, annual day celebrations where in the students actively participate performing cultural activities in singing, dancing and drama showing their skills and talent. Schools also conduct sports activities in football, hockey, volleyball, basketball in school, and inter-school, state and national level also. Twin cities has seen a dream of making the state 100% literate and with these existing schools the dream is not far away.

Difference between CBSE, ICSE, State Board, IB and IGCSE

Nowadays, selecting the right board for education has been the toughest concern for parents. Regardless of elementary or secondary education, parents are struggling hard to facilitate their kid with the top quality of education. Pleasing the correct choice throughout choosing for the educational board plays an important role in student’s bright future. Before opting the right board for your child, here is some difference between CBSE, ICSE, state board, IB and IGCSE. Read the whole article for taking the right decision.

CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE is one of the absolutely well-known board in India, along with across 16,000 schools form 25 countries united to it. The board has been more old in its method, giving more accent on the integration of information, specially in the arena of Sciences and Mathematics syllabus. The board is always works with a vision to deliver stress-free education to its students by adapting innovative teaching techniques filled with psychological and instructive principles. CBSE syllabus more or less focuses on preparing students for medical and engineering entrance examinations. All national admission examinations are led according to the CBSE syllabus. CBSE board conducted two main examinations, one is All India Secondary School Examination (ALSSE) for Class 10 and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for Class 12.

ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

Indian Certificate of secondary Education (ICSE) is led by another board, CISCE or the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, which is similar to AISSE conducted by CBSE. The same consil, along with the affiliation of maximum 2,000 schools, which conducts by Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams for Class 12. The council does not allow private applicants to appear for exams. The ethos of CISCE, are assured by hope and fair play, and minimum interference in the working of schools. Compared to CBSE, ICSE syllabus is tougher because of the detailed study of all the subjects of ICSE board. The Syllabus provides more practical knowledge and it want to develop analytical skills in students. The board has an advantage for the students who will be performing in TOEFL Exam.

State Board

In India there are many states has state board schools such as Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. Every state has its own grading methodology and syllabus. The board focuses on state level topics and content of local importance, it supports students in preparing for state level engineering and medical entrance tests. The syllabus of the state board is less than other boards. Regional language and culture have a prominent place in the state board syllabus. There are few states, which follows NCERT books that is very important for students to prepare all over India exams. State board exams are conducted in each class. In class Z, the students appear for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the Class XII students appear for the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exams.

IB – International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate is a non-profit educational organization, it is an international education foundation. IB offers prime quality program for kid aged between 3 and 19, IB Diploma program and IB Career-related Program for students aged between 16 to 19. The IB Middle Years Program for students aged 11 to 16, and the IB Primary Years Program for Children aged between 3 to 12. The IB focuses on Analytical skills, arts, language and humanities. The purpose of the IB is to male global citizens. Earlier, IB known as International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). All four program are bound by a common learner’s profile that is at the core of IB. The main aim is to encourage students to be thinkers, principled individuals, communicators along with a capability to introspect, unbiased inquirers and gentle global citizens.

IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English Language based examination which founded by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. This board is the other International education program that is approved by Indian Schools that builds them a part of the global community of Cambridge Schools. The board has a class X equivalent certificate examination conducting body incorporated within it. The certification offered has international and also national recognition. This board student has to take Cambridge A and AS level exams to gain class XII equivalency.  The exams are led at the end of Cambridge Upper Secondary (14 to 16 years old), and AS and A level is led at the end of Cambridge Advanced (16 to 19 years old).

BVB Hubli

bvb hubli

The BVB College Hubli is built in 56 acres in lush green ambience with beautiful architecture buildings; it was founded in the year 1947 the college was started as Polytechnic in Gadag later moved to Hubli in 1948 it is affiliated to Belgaum Vishveswariah Technological University. The courses offered are undergraduate programs, engineering, post graduate programs, M.SC (Eng) and PhD programs.

bvb hubli

The name is owed to businessman and philanthropists Shri B.V.Bhoomraddi the college upgraded from the year it was moved to Hubli city, it has achieved desirable status in the educational sector. The college is well equipped with good infrastructure, necessary equipments for specific courses, state of the art classrooms, laboratory, auditorium, play ground and many more facilities for the students. Extremely qualified faculties render diligent service and make the students ready to face the competitive world, with their continuous research have resulted into 8 research centers.

BVB students are nicknamed as BVBians and they believe in creativity, uniqueness and discipline these qualities make them prominent among the rest. The college offers various soft skill programs to make the students confident in whatever projects they undertake. BVB College Hubli has a proud alumnus like Sudha Murthy, Mr. Ram Kerur and many more who have made a distinguished position nationally and internationally. Many big industries have set up their units in the campus to help student?s ex-Bosch center, Navya Biological, Sankalp semiconductor and IBM. People from neighboring states come here for higher and quality education.

The courses offered are: Architecture, Industrial Production Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, Bio Technology, Mechanical Engineering and many more. In the year 2007 it became the Autonomous College and it is the certified college recognized by NBA National Board of Accreditation. The campus is always filled with vibrant people bustling with laughter and aspirations for a better future.

BVB Engineering College Hubli Address:

Vijay Nagar, Vidya Nagar, Hubli, KA 580031
Phone Number: 0836 237 4985

Malls in Hubli

Hubli is also known as Chota Mumbai and the people are opening up to new development happening in and around the city with popular malls like U mall, Laxmi Pride, Urban Oasis (kfc in hubli, easyday hubli) mall which is located at gokul road next to the Hubli new bus stand and many are in the making. There are plenty of shops selling various fashionable and trendy clothing line and accessories, multiplex, the food joints with mouthwatering delicacies, chats and many more.

Urban Oasis Mall

Fun and enjoyment is loved by young and old, the city is giving all the possible leisure facilities to the residents with huge buildings comprising of various stores varying from clothes to shoes to food joints and many more.

hubli malls

The city is attracting outstation people for business, trading, education and profession, this showcases the rapid development of the city and the day of Hubli being a metropolitan city is not far. The city comprises of various tourist destination nearby which brings in huge population on festivals and religious ceremonies, it is also known for rich cultural heritage. Whenever you step out on the busy roads, one will find beautiful lit tall buildings, complexes and malls having branded stores, with international multiplexes like Cinepolis with 5 screens , international brand footwear stores and amnay more.

hubli shopping malls

Young generation is witnessing new and beautiful life with all these entertainment facilities, where people shop, eat and have fun with their friends, family and colleagues at affordable prices. If you want to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversary, any achievements or any other special moment these malls are a great place to unwind yourself and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Gear up Hubliites for a bigger, better and extravagant lifestyle that are offered by the existing malls and upcoming ones. Celebrate life?s special moments in an exotic ambience making the occasion a cherishable one. Enjoy Life In A Bigger Way.

Hospitals in Hubli

kims hospital hubli

Health is Wealth as the saying goes, Hubli offers excellent and multi speciality hospitals for the residents. Out station people also throng the city for better treatment and recover soon with clean and hygienic premises.

kims hospital hubli

Some popular hospitals like KIMS (Karnataka Institute of Medical Science) which is most popular government hospital in Hubli Karnataka India and its formerly known as Karnataka Medical College, Fortis Hubli, tatwadarsha, Sushrutha, City clinic, Vivekananda hospital, Balaji Neuro science, lifeline hospital Hubli SDM Dental and general hospitals have pledged to give quality treatment for all the residents at affordable prices. The city has good eye hospital such as Vasan Eye Care, M M Joshi, orthopedic (Shreyas), Shakuntala Memorial Hospital, Vatsalya hospital, cancer and other big hospitals catering to all kinds of emergency , these specialty hospitals comprises of hi-tech equipments making it easy and accessible for all the local people to benefit from.

Hubli Fortis

People from other places in north Karnataka come here for receiving treatment from experienced doctors, for all types of diseases and health issues. To make it more comfortable many medical stores stock medicines which are necessary for the patients varying from BP, Thyroid, Sugar, gynecological related issues and many more.

hospitals in hubli

Hubli is developing in all the fields such as education, entertainment, industries, hospitals, hotels and many more. Every resident living here don?t have to go to other metro cities for treatment of dreaded diseases all the doctors appointed in the hospitals are well qualified, rich experienced and have a heart of gold promising faster recovery with good medicines and all necessary machines required for individual treatment. Many homeopathies, Ayurvedic clinics have opened up to serve the human mankind.

hubli hospitals

Colleges like Nursing, Ayurvedic, and SDM offer quality education with professors having good teaching experience; students from in and around Hubli come here to acquire education with a dream to serve the society. M. M Joshi, Vasan eye hospitals serve more than 100 patients everyday with laser and regular eye surgery with utmost care and love at affordable cost. The city is dreaming to have super specialty hospitals to make the residents and out station people give relief with many advanced treatment and hi- tech equipments and make the city a happy and healthy place to live in.

Hubli Airport (IATA: HBX, ICAO: VOHB)

hubli airport

Hubli airport is third busiest airport in Karnataka, India and it serves twin cities Hubli-Dhrwad. It is located in Gokul road which is 6 kilometer away from the hubballi city old bus stand and 20 km away from Dharwad.

hubli airport

International Air Transport Association (IATA) : HBX and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): VOHB

The airport is spread over 615 acres with a runway of 8,500 feet, the terminal building is 368 square feet and during paek hours it can manage 300 passengers that is 150 arrivals and 150 departures.

Airport is well equipped with necessary infrastructure such as CCTV, fire alarm, public address system, firefighting, car parking, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), check-in counters, elevator and baggage scanners are making it easy and comfortable for passengers.

There is huge parking spot for the people to conveniently park their cars and happily be with their loved ones till they board the flight.

It also includes and taxiway, better and bigger terminal and arrange more flights with larger aircraft like Airbus 320, Boeing 737 as per government project of extension.

People from different cities for business or profession, find it easy to travel in short time period and reach their desired destination.

Hubli Airport Contact Number and other Details:

Telephone: 91-836-223 7921, 09449827652 (M), 91-836-223 7922 (R)

Fax: 91-836-223 7920


Timezone: GMT +05.30 hours

Flight Booking Resources,




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