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Posted by on Dec 20, 2019 in News, Tech | 0 comments

Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Gains Popularity among CAA Protests

Among protests against the Citizenship (Amendment)Act 2019 (CAA) in India, and Internet shutdown areas in Delhi, protests are looking for alternative options of messaging apps that do not need the internet. In this situation, an offline messaging app got huge popularity, which is named Bridgefy, and it works without data. People can use Bluetooth to connect with people nearby and form a network so that you can communicate even they were offline. CAA protestors have been recommending Bridgefy on Twitter so that communication is possible even in times when there is no data.

Offline Bridgefy app is now available on Android and iOS as a free download, after downloading this app, it needs an internet connection to sync all your contacts. When your contact list is synced, the app will show you all your contacts that have Bridgefy already installed. Through this app, you can chat with your friends and family privately with the 330 feet range, or lets you join the broadcast group to allow communication with a large group of nearby people. If there are more people on the app, then the length in the range. More users help in increasing the network and range, and Bridgfy relies on this mesh network where messages just jump from one person’s phone to another till it reaches the receiver.

After installing the Bridgefy Offline Messaging app, you have to add a username, and it asks for location and Bluetooth to be turned on- both main tools for offline messaging to be a seamless process. After syncing your all contacts, it shows you all the people that have already installed the app. If they are within range, then you can send a text message to the user and start a conversation. Also, the user can share their location with the user, in the event you are at a concert or a protest, where losing your friends or acquaintances is easy and the internet might be choked.

The highlight is the broadcast group that lets you chat with some people near you, even if they are not on your contact list. Bridgefy Offline Messaging app is promoted by protesters for the aim of important statements via this broadcast features that will allow communication even in the event of Internet shutdowns.

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